Unlike basalt stones, Jade is a healing gemstone, one used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. It is said to balance the heart chakra, which is the centre of the 7 main chakras of the body. It heals and balances the body, is believed to bring prosperity, aid with depression, cure headaches, bring luck and good fortune. These are believed to take place by having the stone against your bare skin.

Sports Massage

2. Size and Shape of the Stones

3. Contrasting Temperatures

Registered Massage Therapy

There are 3 main differences between Jade Stone massage, and a hot stone massage done with regular basalt stone.

Deep Tissue

Add Aromatherapy --- $5 | Add Indian Head Massage --- $10

The name speaks for itself! The treatment is tailored specifically to pregnant women, modifying pressure and positioning so it is safe for both mother and baby. 

90 Minutes


The unique properties of these gemstones allow them to be either heated or cooled, depending on the desired outcome of our session.  When heated stones are applied to the body, they melt away the underlying tension and the body receives heat from the stones.  When cool stones are applied to the body, we get a very different reaction. The body SENDS heat from itself TO THE STONE to heat it.  This creates an amazing healing effect due to the blood vessels constricting and the circulation increasing. The result is an energetic balancing effect that will keep you feeling great long after your treatment. 

Getting Started

First visits generally consist of an overview of client’s medical history, as well as  a consultation of their personalized needs so that we can form the proper treatment plan, and recommend the best type of massage for the individual.  We recommend arriving at least 10 minutes prior to your first appointment so that paperwork can be completed, and does not impede your treatment time.  For Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage and Prenatal, please select SWEDISH when online booking, and advise your therapist upon arrival if there is a specific type of massage you would like. 

60 Minutes 



This treatment is suggested to all new parents! The benefits of infant massage are truly endless.  Our therapists will guide parents on safe and effective massage techniques that will aid baby's sleep, digestion, mood and more!  Sessions are typically 30 minutes, and we recommend a series of at least 5 sessions to cover all of the different techniques.

The unique stones are perfectly shaped precision, tension-melting tools. They range from very large sacral and abdominal stones, to curved crescent-shaped gems that mold into the scapula, or small stones for working on the neck and facial muscles. 

90 Minutes 



Infant Massage

Carp Massage Therapy & Yoga


Jade Stone Massage

Hot Stone VS Jade Stone

Indian Head Massage

Very similar to Swedish, only with focus on the deepest layers of muscles.  This treatment addresses knots and relieves chronic muscle tension due to injuries or postural ailments.   


This treatment is for any type of athlete, specific to your sport of choice. The massage is typically focused on a particular problem area or injury. Great for either chronic, or acute issues.   

Jade Stone Massage incorporates the use of HOT and COLD Jade stones placed on the body and/or used for massage. These amazing stones are uniquely shaped and polished to provide a perfect glide on the skin. Traditionally, Jade has been used to attract LOVE and MONEY into your life, and is a protective stone used to heal organs and discharge toxins.  It is said to slow the aging process and strengthen the body's natural defenses and healing power. 

Prenatal Massage

60 Minutes


What's the difference?

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Indian Head Massage is a client FAVORITE here at Carp Massage Therapy.   The massage focuses on the muscles of the upper body; the shoulders, neck, scalp and face.  Nourishing oils are used along with various acupressure techniques, aimed at balancing the energies of the body.  You will leave feeling completely rejuvenated, head to toe! This is a MUST for anyone with the dreaded desk-job!! Indian head massage on a regular basis has proven to have significant positive results in clients suffering with insomnia, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, headaches, etc.

Signature Treatments

75 Minutes 


Our most popular and traditional form of massage therapy.  Involves light to medium pressure to reduce stress, alleviate pain, boost mood and promote overall relaxation.  

Swedish Massage

1. Energetic Vibration


30 Minutes


45 Minutes 


30 Minutes                                            45 Minutes                             Add on to Any Session

                                                                                                                       (does not increase length of session)

       $65                                                            $85                                                   $10