Carp Massage Therapy


Amanda Foran, RMT

 ALL services performed at Carp Massage Therapy are a form of Registered Massage Therapy and are covered under insurance benefits.

Amanda Foran is an RMT with a background in the health and wellness industry dating back over 11 years.  She began with a focus in esthetics, which taught her much about body wellness and client care.  She has since evolved to focus mainly on massage therapy the past few years.  Amanda believes in integrating parts of her training in the beauty industry by using only the purest and most beneficial products suited for each client.  In fact, she manufactures and sells her own organic products, which are for sale on site to clients.

A huge part of her treatments involves using heat as a medium to promote total relaxation, and to penetrate deep into the fibres of the muscles.  Amanda tries to integrate heat into each and every one of her customized massages, as long as it is not harmful to the client based on their medical history. Her signature treatments include heated bamboo massage, and Thai herbal stem massage which are perfect examples of using the healing powers of heat to further benefit the client.

First visits generally consist of an overview of client’s medical history, as well as  a consultation of their personalized needs so that we can form the proper treatment plan, and recommend the best type of massage for the individual.  We recommend arriving at least 10 minutes prior to your first appointment so that paperwork can be completed, and does not impede your treatment time.